Contact us

To get started, please tell us how we can be of help to you. Our customer service desk is on 24/7 to handle queries and fix appointments with our technicians. Even if you don’t fully understand what the problem is with your equipment, just describe it to us and support it with a photo. We shall get to you immediately.


You can also track your repair just in case we picked your device for further analysis. As long as you give us your service order number, we can confirm with ease at what stage in the repair process it is and in case it is done, we shall contact you for pick up.


There are many ways of getting in touch with us from emails to phone and a direct write up on our webform. We pick every conversation and answer promptly. If it is an appointment or reservation, we will ensure all the details are recorded accurately.


If you are calling us concerning an HVAC equipment, kindly indicate the model, any warranties in place, and other details that will help us serve you better.