Garage Doors Repair/Replacement

Is your garage door acting up? Don’t press the panic button, all you need is a garage door repair specialist. Oftentimes, garage door tracks and rollers get clogged up with dirt and in need of good brushing and lubrication. As professionals in this field, we shall quickly analyze what the problem is and put in a quote that includes all the repair tasks to bring your door back into shape.

Common Problems with Garage Doors

Inasmuch as garage doors lead simple lives, just the up and down motion, they do get overworked and all of a sudden, they may stop working as they should. If your garage door is old, it may need replacement, but don’t be quick to do this, let us help you out.

Noisy Garage Doors

You know how disruptive this can be especially if someone is sleeping next to or above the garage. Loose nuts and bolts can make your garage door squeaky. Our professionals will help you tighten the nuts, replace the rollers where necessary, and check the hinges as well.

Frozen Garage Door

This normally happens during the coldest days of the year. The problem could be a minor icy combination between the garage and the garage floor. We use heat guns to melt the ice. Handling this on your own may lead to broken coils, stripped gears, and burned out motor so let’s do it. This is why you should leave it to us and we will handle it professionally.

Broken Glass

Broken glass is first and foremost a safety issue, then a security problem. The longer your home stays with broken glass, the more exposed and vulnerable your garage will be. At All American Contractors, we ensure that every broken glass is carefully removed and replaced with high-quality glass.

Replacing Your Garage Door

When your garage door stops working, the problem may extend beyond simple repairs. To some extent, you may have to replace it completely. It is not easy to shop for a new garage door because there isn’t so much information on consumer publications of the best choices.

Thanks to our experts, we can help you shop for the best door in terms of garage door material, the style of the door, the cost, and compatibility with the environment around your home.

Every service technician that we send to your home is extremely knowledgeable and well-trained. We shall help you fix every need you may have and leave you satisfied with a garage door that is not just functional, but well installed.

Garage Doors Repair/Replacement