Solar Panel Installation

Many homeowners are considering solar installation to take advantage of the green movement to reduce their power bills. Solar energy, especially in areas with good exposure to sunlight, can provide consistent power to enable you to light your home and run some light-power devices.

How well your solar panel installation is done determines the efficiency and output. We have trained technicians at All American Contracting who are able to professionally install solar in your home. Everything we do is documented and backed by a service warranty that means you can trust our services.

How We Install Solar Panels in Your Home

Solar installation is a process that doesn’t happen overnight. From the day you sign a contract with us, we begin a series of activities that will culminate in having an installed solar system that is grid connected and powering your home.

Engineering Site Visit

We send one or a team of our professionals to your home to evaluate the electrical status and establish the compatibility of the various components with the new energy system. Our engineer works with our in-house installation team to evaluate the condition of your roof for structural integrity as well as the electrical panel to see if you need an upgrade.

Permits and Documents

Solar installation requires logistical paperwork. As professional installers, we shall help you handle the bulk of the paperwork while at the same time keeping you informed of what is going on behind the scenes. We shall help you apply for a number of things some of which include:

  • State and federal solar incentives like local solar programs, government rebates, clean energy financing initiatives, and solar renewable energy certificates.
  • Building permits applicable in the specific area you live. For instance, some areas in the US allows you to install solar panels across your entire roof while others have restrictions.

We expedite every process to ensure it is completed in good time.

Ordering Equipment

We take the full responsibility to choose the best panels and inverters from trusted distributors. In case you are looking for equipment selection advise, we also provide that to help you choose the best equipment for your home.

On the actual installation day, we ensure your roof is prepared and every shingle or tile properly attached. We do the wiring that connects your general power system and your electrical panel. Every bit that goes into securing your panel is put in including the racking.

We take about two to three days to complete your solar installation. Before we connect your solar panels to the electric grid, we organize for a government representative to come and double check the installation work and confirm that everything is done well. We leave nothing to chance in ensuring that your solar system serves you effectively. Get in touch with us for a total installation and engineering work on your solar panels.

Solar Panel Installation